Surveillance Systems

"Install cheap products and vanish" was the "manthra" of people involved in installing surveillance solutions in Bangalore. We attempted to change that concept. After-sale support gave us our own unique position. Quality products and timely support - that is our "manthra"

LAN/Network design

We have expertise in planning computer/communication networks. We do LAN planning/design for IT companies. As we know, all the communications, whether data or voice, are through internet nowadays. Yes, we implement your networking dreams!

Video Intercom (M-VDP)

Intercom (audio) is an old concept. We are into video intercom based on IP-addresses. People named it as Multi apartment Video Door Phone (Multi-VDP in short). You can see who is at the gate of your apartment and speak with him as to permitting him in or not! Yes, it is for big apartments only!


Products We Supply

We provide only cost effective and long lasting products/devices. They are tested , branded and popular worldwide. The major players in surveillance solutions are CP Plus, Hikvision and Dahua. The major players in networking products industry are Cisco, Huawei, D-Link, Netgear etc in India. We provide quality solutions, not cheap ones! And timely service is ensured for the guaranteed period free of cost!


We are at your service!

Tell us anything about your wants. We will explore it and come up with your actual needs. We will full fill your demands.


What to do now?

We serve on first come first serve basis. We are not money oriented. Our satisfaction is in fulfilling your wants and needs! Ping us!