Surveillance Systems

"Install cheap products and vanish" was the "manthra" of people involved in installing surveillance solutions in Bangalore. We attempted to change that concept. After-sale support gave us our own unique position. Quality products and timely support - that is our "manthra"

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LAN/Network Planning

We have expertise in planning computer/communication networks. We do LAN planning/design for IT companies. As we know, all the communications, whether data or voice, are through internet nowadays. Yes, we implement your networking dreams!

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Video Intercom (M-VDP)

Intercom (audio) is an old concept. We are into video intercom based on IP-addresses. People named it as Multi apartment Video Door Phone (Multi-VDP in short). You can see who is at the gate of your apartment and speak with him as to permitting him in or not! Yes, it is needed only for big complexes!

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Our View

We hate corporate jargon. We are to the business. We respect knowledge, not just the educational qualifications. We respect freedom and privacy. But at the same time we need all to be secure too. It is not good to think that people around us are criminals. We think nobody is a criminal. But still crimes happen. Our venture is not just to catch-in crimes, but also to watch the operations and give timely remedies.

We can solve the issues only when we identify them! Monitoring is a regular thing. But observing things is a must from an operational point of view, for it gives us insights as to how to proceed. Yes, our venture is about some thing more than security!


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Risk is there every where, but let us not create it

Risk is there every where, but let us not create chances to accommodate it. The whole science world is into the research to face it. The whole technology world is to implement it. When we are together, nothing to worry!